Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Anime Initial D Fifth Stage

Initial D Fifth Stage
Genre: Sport | Action | Adventure
Quality: Bluray 720p
Size: 1,3 GB
Subtitle: Indonesia/English
Episode: 1-14 Episode

Takumi Fujiwara takes the role of protagonist in Initial D – his lack of any particular outstanding traits is ironically one of his points of charm. Yet he’s indeed actually quite skilled – a tofu delivery driver gone street racing professional due to his extreme talent for sliding cars around corners, drifting. His ability inevitably draws some attention – and he’s forced into contending against several opponents at downhill mountain racing against his (AE86 Corolla GT-APEX) and races on the seldom-used Japanese mountain roads. One night, the Akagi Red Suns team, a racing club, challenges the Akina Speed Stars to a race on the mountain where Fujiwara lives. Keisuke, one of the leaders of the Red Suns, races his legendary Mazda RX-7 - only to be beaten by the mysterious Fujiwara..

Mitsubishi Evolution

Immediately, one can expect this season is bound to be a breakthrough of intensity. Just in the opening title sequence, connoisseurs of all things automotive will already notice new cars being showcased – glimpses of a Mitsubishi Evolution IX and a Nissan Fairlady Z are briefly shown, and a few more surprising guests, such as a Toyota Supra, and the supercar with a cultist following of its own, the Honda NSX, make an appearance.

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