Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Kamen Rider Decade The Movie All Rider VS Dai Shocker (2009) BluRay 700 MB

movie Kamen Rider Decade The Movie All Rider VS Dai Shocker image
Genre: Tokusatsu, Kamen Rider Movie
Quality: 720p
Size: 700 MB
Subtitle: English

Tsukasa arrives in a different world and all his pictures are normal! By normal, it is not Photoshopped! Kiva-la remembered a photo similar to what Tsukasa is wearing.  Tsukasa feels the key and he thinks he knows where it fits. Along with Natsumi and Yusuke, they explored the new world. The world seems familiar to him, every nook and cranny. They arrived in the house and at first, he has doubts if he will open the door, after being convinced by Natsumi that it might be the key about his past, he opens the door and hears music from somewhere. It is a music being played by his sister, Sayo and she was explained about the situation of his brother that he has amnesia and they travelling in various Rider Worlds, helping Riders in various worlds as they try to help Tsukasa regain his memories.

Her butler, Tsukikage appeared and explained why Tsukasa travelled the worlds. After the clips of the world merging was seen, Tsukasa seems to remember and orders Tsukikage to gather all the Riders and start a tournament. Three days later, it began and at the end, Decade, Kuuga and Diend (WTF?!) being part of the final three versus BLACK, V3 and Super-1. At the end, Decade win and a castle beneath the arena rose.

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Anonymous said...

Di Indonesia apa ada toko yang menjual film Kamen Rider Decade The Movie All Rider VS Dai Shocker (2009) dalam versi BRD atau DVD ?

Hada Arkanda said...

Banyak kok, bisa dicoba melalui googling internet

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